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Just too many experts ...  Know what you are promoting before you pay to promote it!

Knowing the marketing tools and options, but not understanding hospitality, your business and your guests is like buying a banner sign on a back street.

Your investment in online advertising begins with clearly defined expectations to help measure your success based on the fluctuation and speed of your return on your investment.  This return depends on whether you had any previous or have existing advertising as a comparison.  The ROI also depends on your market segments, seasonality, competition and budget.

We provide an analysis of your current market position relevant to search ranking, competition, seasonal trends, return on paid advertising, online reputation and potential social networking.   Our methods accommodate both large and small hotels and all other businesses that rely on in-bound travelers.  We will help set a realistic budget and we track and report results plus periodic changes in methods to improve results or determine why some channels are not producing as expected.

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